Friday, October 17, 2014

Buddy Holly vs Nicole Moudaber

"Movin' Rave On"
( Buddy Holly vs Nicole Moudaber )
Mashup for demonstration purposes only.

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Hoosier Hotshots vs Surftones vs Minions

"Banana Bach Goes Surfing"
( Hoosier Hotshots vs The Surftones vs
The Minions from 'Despicable Me' )

Mashup for demonstration purposes only.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wild Cub vs 1.8.7.Deathstep

"Cleansed Shapeless"
( Wild Cub vs 1.8.7.Deathstep )
Mashup for demonstration purposes only.

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Mashup Showcase Number 05- Lizzart

Mashup Showcase w/ DJ Useo Number 05 - Lizzart
Playlist selected by Lizzart.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Monster Mashup X 40 track comp for Halloween!

Good evening Boos and Ghouls...
Monster Mashup, and Mashup of the Day
Monster Mashup
are proud to present Monster Mashup X!

40 spine-tingling tracks on 2 terrifying discs!
Featuring monstrous mashups, wicked remixes, ominous originals,
and even a few tracks that have been hiding in dark corners of the web!

There are even tracks visiting from AtoZ and DJ Useo's album;
The Sinister Season: In a Moony Mood!

Contributing artists include:
Alan Black, AtoZ, Bobby C Sound TV, Bros Rock Crew, Ceasar K,
Cheekyboy, Dan Absent, dj BC, DJ Deville, DJ Hal & MC Rowena,
DJ Palermo, DJ Schmolli, DJ Shokkout, DJ ShyBoy, DJ Spider,
DJ Useo, Fettdog, Fissunix, Frail Limb Purity, G3RSt, G4Gorilla,
Gatzilla Mashup, Hot Couture, JP, Kill_mR_DJ, Morpheus Mashup,
Pilchard, Romano Gemini, Skeewiff, Stefano Ercolino, and Voicedude!

That's it, no more talking... Click! Download! Listen! Enjoy! Share! Spread! Go!
Oh, and do it twice to make sure you get BOTH albums!

Disc one links -

Link 1

Link 2

Disc two links -

Link 1

Link 2

Halloween Mashup Album-AtoZ-DJ Useo-The Sinister Season

AtoZ teams up with DJ Useo becoming AtoZeo,
resulting in a wonderful spooky Halloween album,
"The Sinister Season--in a Moony Mood".

We've been mixing on these tracks off
& on for a year, and it shows!

I've never done a mash-up compilation where the mixing was so
integrated between two people.

You'll love how your skin crawls with Samhain satisfaction,
when you hear the one disc selection of 24 terror-filled tracks.

Full 401.63 MB zip file contains one discs worth of single tracks,
plus a long single-track mix version, with tons of extra samples.

File link here -


Preview the comp with the long single-track version found here -

Preview Single Track

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween-Black Sabbath vs Oingo Boingo

"Children Of The Grave Pain"
( Oingo Boingo vs Black Sabbath )

Mashup for Halloween purposes only.

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7th annual DJ Useo Halloween ep
with 13 other tracks available here -

ep 2014

Halloween Will Get You ( 1:19:53 )

I always like Halloween, but this year it really grabbed me!
Most of these tracks are from 2014.
I hope they give you goose bumps a’plenty.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mashup Showcase Number 04-DJ Le Clown

Mashup Showcase Number 04
-DJ Le Clown

Playlist selected by the master mixer, DJ Le Clown.

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More DJ Le CLown here -

DJ Le Clown 1

DJ Le Clown 2

Monday, September 29, 2014

DJ Useo - Halloween ep 2014

This is my Seventh annual All Saints' Eve collection.
"DJ Useo - Halloween ep 2014" is
thirteen very new Halloween mashups in
EDM, Hip Hop, & Metal styles.

Preview track here -
"Vampires Fragments Are Alive"
( DJ Bobo vs P8 & Answer42 vs Guy J )

Full album file available at either of these links -

Link 1

Link 2

Find the six previous Useo Halloween albums down the page here -